Our Philosophy

Johan Perslow, P.E., PERC Water’s founder, made our purpose clear from the start: “We don’t use water, we just borrow it.”

The PERC Water guarantee is simple:
  • Our facilities will produce recycled water equal to or better than what current regulatory requirements mandate.
  • We assume the risks associated with designing, building and operating water recycling facilities and provide all guarantees at the conceptual phase of the project design.
Our facilities are an asset to our client and to the surrounding community for several reasons: A PERC Water facility greatly reduces a client’s environmental footprint, as the design requires only a fraction of the property typically set aside for traditional treatment plants; all process tanks are concealed underground, allowing for an odorless and noise-free surrounding environment; and the operations building, which is constructed atop the underground tanks, is unobtrusive, aesthetically-pleasing and designed to complement the surrounding community.

Our History
Executive Team