PERC Solar

As a result of its dependability and ease of maintenance, solar energy is quickly becoming considered the most viable way to produce much-needed energy for infrastructure with minimal environmental impact. PERC Solar was created out of our vision to provide more cost effective and efficient facilities through use of alternate, environmentally friendly power sources.

We saw the opportunity to further utilize the land around PERC Water facilities and offset the power consumption of the facilities. We rely on the vast experience of our design, engineering, construction, and facility maintenance teams to provide efficient and technologically advanced turnkey services for the engineering, procurement, and construction of photovoltaic solar systems.

The advantages of solar systems include:
  • generate the greatest power output (kWh) at the best cost
  • provide an aesthetically appealing installation with minimal visual impact
  • low maintenance
  • consistent annual power output (kWh)
  • long term reliability

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