Concessions/Asset Management

Asset ManagementPERC Water recognizes that water recycling facilities are highly-specialized, state-of-the-art production facilities and assets to their city and community. We have found that municipalities can leverage operational efficiences, like alternative energy solutions, within this existing infrastructure in exchange for an up front cash payment to the city.

Essentially, cities can extract value they didn’t know they had out of an asset they already own.

The purpose of PERC Water’s Asset Management Team is to minimize the client’s total cost to own and operate the facility, increase the overall efficiency of the facility and to deliver the highest level of service to each and every client.

Our approach is focused on achieving four goals:­
  • Long-term reliable service
  • Outstanding process performance
  • Budget-responsible and efficient operation
  • An extended life cycle
Our Asset Management/O&M division also features a program designed to assist water infrastructure owners in restructuring their operations to bring a facility into compliance. As part of this program, we provide our clients with PERC Water's proprietary Turn Around Plan (TAP™). PERC Water's TAP™ services include a comprehensive evaluation of the existing facility, a solution to bring the facility back into compliance within current applicable regulatory requirements, an assessment of the facility’s energy consumption and a full evaluation of alternate operational approaches to maintain such compliance over the long term. PERC Water has a proven track record in bringing non-compliant facilities into compliance with current applicable regulatory requirements.

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